Thursday, January 03, 2008

Sister Mary Martha Says...

I don't know anything about her background or what order she belongs to. But I do know she is an absolute scream. I stumbled on her site and I am fully addicted. She's a writer's writer and mega funny to boot! I'm sure I'll be sharing her quotable quotes from time to time. This one is classic

"....I have a hunch she's not Catholic. Which means she's missed the bandwagon and has hopped into a Yugo, in terms of spiritual guidance..."

I'll have to use that one sometime with my ever growing list of evangelical friends. Not sure any of them would take kindly to having their brand of worship likened to the most bare-bones vehicle ever made. Then again, I see Sister's point. The Yugo served a purpose; it did the job. Sort of. Just barely. On second thought...maybe we won't mention this little quip to our fundamentalist brethren.

Never mind that. You can read this post and many more on her truly wonderful blog: Ask Sister Mary Martha


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Leigh said...

I was going to trash this comment as I often do with any that I deem unseemly. But I decided to leave it because the mommy does not take lightly any disparaging remarks made about our Holy Father. Just for edification's sake, PIAPS is a very mean spirited, unsavory acronym for Hillary Clinton. While this mommy is not a fan of hers nor will I vote for her, I'm dismayed by the level of HATE directed her way. Mrs. Clinton is a human being. Misguided to be sure.But she's not evil incarnate. If for no other reason, let's give her that measure of respect. As far as the Holy Father...He only answers to God. Period. Now go spread some of your vitriolic cheer somewhere else because we've heard enough. Folks like you give thoughtful conservatives very bad names indeed.