Saturday, January 12, 2008

No Dance Class...For Modesty's Sake

I've recently pulled my daughter out of a community dance class because I objected to the costumes that the children would wear at recital time. The costume slated for my daughter wasn't particularly immodest--it was just tacky and had a very "kiddie pageant" kind of feel to it. The little girl in the brochure had oodles of make-up on with her hair professionally styled and hair-sprayed to high Heaven. She was supposed to be some sort of miniature Southern belle. Scarlett O'Hara for the under-four-feet set. Cheesy sums it up best.

What really got me was the costume that the next age group was supposed to wear. A spaghetti strap top with a bare midriff was the crowning glory of this getup. I wouldn't let my daughter play in this type of clothing let alone PERFORM in it.

Even in my "golden-buckle-of-the-Bible-belt" community, it appears as though the park district staff think I'm over the top on this issue. Oh well. JoJo is only three but modesty is a concept she already understands. And I can clearly see that the "battle" against external forces starts now and is probably only one of many in years to come. Lucky me!


the mother of this lot said...

I will never understand the desire to dress a little girl like an eighteen year old. And for those that do, well God help you when she is eighteen, that's all I can say!

mum6kids said...

Why on earth do parents WANT their children to dress like that?
I remember spending ages looking for a pretty party dress for my oldest daughter who was about 6 at the time; everything was either plungy, short, slinky or just trashy-for 6YEAR OLDS!! Finally I found a dress that was suitable at the back of a shop on the sales rack. She's 14 now and we still have to hunt for clothes she would want to wear. She is not the only teen who actually wants to dress with dignity-it's time shops realised this.

Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Cheesy, trampy, trashy, tacky, plastic, whor-ish...why did "dance class" develop into that kind of nightmare? I pulled my girl for the same deal. It's like some kind of strange cult!