Friday, January 04, 2008

New Computer Smell

It almost rivals new car smell.

There's nothing like the aroma of a fresh-from-the-packing-crate computer. The docs are crisp as new money and the connectors and cables are in that honeymoon period where I actually show a slight concern for them. Soon enough, all of those needed but forgettable extras will be mysteriously drawn into mommy's random electronic drawer--otherwise known as the Bermuda Triangle of computer peripherals.

Drum roll please...Jim is transferring all of my data from the desktop dinosaur onto my brand spanking new, razzle dazzle laptop that I got for Christmas from the DH. It's sooooo cool. It's a modern marvel. It's got a 17" wide screen monitor, wireless everything, built-in TV tuner. With our wireless network, I can blog anywhere I want within the house. I can put it on the counter in the kitchen or in the bathroom or laundry room or the basement and watch any programming that we get through cable. It's got a built in camera/microphone/speakers. The audio/video is incredible. The apps are all new and have about a million functionalities that I have to become familiar with. It's docking station is really trick too--in case I get a hankering to work at my old standby desk area off of the kitchen.

Ethan, being the true and proper spawn of a couple of geeks, was surveying the laptop and trying hard not to reveal his inner-lurking, green eyed monster. My dear child mentioned that he and McKenna could just take the laptop and "you can just keep the old computer since you're used to it". When that approach failed, he just went for the "I really, really want it because it looks so new and cool".

Dream on shrimp. No laptop for a five-year old. But he does get street cred for giving it a shot.

Despite my son's Veruca Salt moment, the mommy is very excited about the new addition to our family. So, I'll be back in a few days to give Jim some time over the weekend to get this thing a hummin'. And I'll be reporting on JoJo's third birthday--of course. In style!


the mother of this lot said...

Just got here from Sister Mary Martha. I enjoyed reading your blog. Happy New Year!

Jim said...

Thanks. I took a look at yours and enjoyed it as well. Take care and best of luck with your lot! Leigh