Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pro-abortion P.R.: A New Angle

Driving behind a nondescript family sedan yesterday, I immediately noticed the following bumper sticker:

Prayerfully Pro-Choice

Unbelievable. On second thought, I really shouldn't be surprised. You just have to wonder though..What spin doctor conjured this pearl of an oxymoron? Who or what is the driving force behind this absurd alliteration?

Clearly, some pro-abortion ranks have "softened" their communication strategy. It's "cool" to be conservative as of late. And, since prayer is often linked to the those who are faithful, and by extension conservative, some publicist probably thought that "prayerfully pro-choice" was the way to go. Most savvy communicators realize that the militant "hands off my body" mantra has a dated and harsh ring to it. Apparently the tactics are now changing.

Take a moment to "google" the phrase. There are many Protestant groups as well as individuals promoting this pretzel logic.

I talk about God because God and I are very close. God gives you choice. God gives you freedom of choice. That’s in the Bible."— Whoopi Goldberg, The Choices We Made,quoted in RCRC’s Prayerfully Pro-Choice: Resources for Worship.

Hmmm. I'll agree with you on one thing Whoopi. He does give us free choice. But I might remind you and others that He also holds us accountable for those choices.

I'm not going to belabor the point here. Anyone who is pro-life recognizes the patent inconsistency of the "prayerfully pro-choice" sound bite. Once again, I'm brought back to Hannah Arendt's assertion that evil is frequently cloaked in banality.

As we approach the Sanctity of Human Life Week this month, I urge those who share the pro-life position to maintain assertive voices, especially in light of this latest, shameful rhetoric. Speak for those who are the weakest and least protected among us.

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