Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas Card OCD - Recap!

Thanks friends for enduring my annual Christmas card shakedown. I have to admit--it worked. We got a haul this year! It's good to know that if my peeps aren't feeling the greeting card love, I can manhandle my way into their hearts...By the way, Oracle has been known to employ similar methods. Her brother endearingly refers to her brand of influence as the "choke chain of love".

We mommies know that the free will thing is overrated. Every Christmas, we'll get you into the spirit of the season one way or another. The Borg from Star Trek said it best: resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

While I truly appreciate each and every greeting that you send, I especially enjoy the photo cards--which get posted right outside the mommy headquarters (see photo). I eventually get around to taking them down (just yesterday). Of course it pains me because I can't bring myself to simply toss all of those beautiful pictures. So, into another box they go. It's no wonder that our house is packed to the rafters. Some day they're gonna have to dig me out. But for now, I'll just keep adding to the collection. Plans for next year's card campaign are in the works. Brace yourself.

I do believe we are now officially done with holiday discussions, preparations, analysis, musings, reflections, rantings, and wrap-ups. And no, we're never done with the wonder of Christ's birth. I'm just talking about all of the surrounding whoopity-do-dang-dingle.

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