Sunday, January 27, 2008

On "E" Tonight

It was a long weekend capping off an equally long week. Time to start over tomorrow. I feel a little war torn after a night of defending my faith and my Church to a family member who is utterly disenchanted with Catholicism. It always saddens me when the Church sustains yet another casualty as a result of the priest/pedophile nightmare. It's doubly upsetting when the casualty is someone known to me. I understand her frustration when she says cannot bear the thought of one dime of her tithe being appropriated to suit settlements associated with the scandal. I've often thought the very same thing.

Just over six years ago, my RCIA instructor imparted a thought that has helped me through my moments of doubt where the Church is concerned. She said that we must think of our Church as a family. A very good, kind, loving family. But an imperfect one. And simply because a family has problems does not mean that you up and leave. You stay, you work it out, you make it better. You do the best you can. Because ultimately, no person or thing can ever replace your family.

In the meantime, this convert, this mommy, this wife, needs some sleep. Badly. More thoughts on this later.

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WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

This is a tough one. I have it with my sister. She left the Church for other reasons, but it is still the same problem.
I stayed (kinda-it's a long story) but the reason I didn't (completely) leave the Church was those words of Peter paraphrased as "Where else is there to go?"
I looked at the other places- I even looked at Islam; but in the end there is only Christ and the ONE holy, Catholic and Apostolic Chruch He founded; so here I am.

Whatever those priests did-and those who abused my sister and me; they are not wrecking my salvation.
I will pray for your friend-and you as you face her frustration.