Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm Wiped Out!

Love that toothless smile Gracie!
Grace, Caitlin, and McKenna (and Gus, of course)
Caitlin and McKenna - Goin' for the gusto on those cookies!
Ethan,Grace,McKenna,Paulie,and Caitlin - Simon Says

Not a lot to say...Very tired after the whirl wind of a family visit. My house is beyond a bomb. Just wanted to post a few new pics of my two humans. It's really just kinda crazy...I just love these two little shrimps. McKenna is talking more every day and Ethan is becoming such a big boy. Cousin Grace is having a sleepover with Ethan and he is in HEAVEN. He gets to keep Gus the Guinea Pig (from his school) until next Wednesday. Bonus.

McKenna is still convinced that Gus' name is "Teamwork" from the Wonder Pets. Speaking of that, I cannot get that theme song out of my head:

Wonder Pets, Wonder Pets
we're on our way
to help a baby animal
and save the day
we're not too big
and we're not too tough
but when we work together
we've got the right stuff!
Go Wonder Pets, yeah!

You would think that after a year of almost no blogging that I would have something more prophetic or deep or inspirational to type. Sorry--not tonight.

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