Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Get Tough or Get Out

…was just doing some late night house work and listening to my talk radio, as per usual.
A caller on the Mark Levin show had a great idea. With respect to Iraq:

The next helicopter of ours that goes down, one hydro-electric plant goes bye-bye, compliments of their U.S. friends

The next orchestrated, insurgent backed bombing of US troops in Iraq results in one desalination plant being blown to smithereens.

...and so on.

I cannot help but wonder if the effort we’re making to rebuild the country is in some way aiding the very people who are trying to kill us.

I’m almost at the point of saying let’s just let ‘em fight it out themselves and get out. I know many of the conservatives go apoplectic when you say that but staying there, without having the ability to truly defeat the enemy, seems hopeless. Never in our history has our military’s hands been so tied. I just don’t think Americans have the wherewithal to stomach the necessary and unpleasant tactics that we need in order to win this thing. Aggressive interrogation, often producing useful and needed information, is automatically construed as torture. The Patriot Act is constantly under fire. Covert , required intelligence gathering is exposed and scrutinized, resulting in countless constitutional challenges. If we had simply let the military do it’s job, I think we would have seen much more progress.

Between the insurgents and the anti-war effort within our own country, our troops have formidable enemies, both foreign and domestic.

That’s this mom’s take.

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