Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Motherhood is a Lifetime Deal

No matter how old your children are, they will always be your babies.

Oracle is worried that her mother-in-law's mother (think about that one for a moment) could die before mother-in-law turns 65--in three years. Displaying a level of "proactivity" that I can only admire from afar, Oracle asked her 85ish year old grandma-in-law to write the tribute now--just in case she meets our Lord before the birthday tribute book is complete (We can't have a thing like death mess up the book for heaven's sake). So, grandma wrote a sweet little poem that made me kind of sad and happy...

Lynda Jean
(written by Grandma R*** P***** in February 2007)
She would have been more welcomed
If she’d wait a year or two
But she was in a hurry
To wait would never do!
So---out she came
An explosion birth!
She was alright, thank God
Things could have been much worse.
A little over seven pounds
A mop of dark brown hair.
Big eyes so round and blue,
So beautiful and fair.
She soon took us right over.
Couldn’t wait to be the boss.
But she was cute and happy
And she was seldom cross.
She slept well when at home
And she did really fine.
But there was hell to pay
If we were not home on time.
When Earlene and Lee were up too long
They’d catch up by sleeping in.
But if Her Majesty was over tired,
She turned and tossed as in a gym.
She walked so very early.
She talked before her brother.
She helped to toilet train LeGrande,
Which really helped her mother.
Her quick and aggressive nature
So different from brother and sister
Took Mom a little while
To adjust to this new fixture.
At mischief she excelled!
Flushed away her panties if soiled.
She was too quick for me
And she was somewhat spoiled.
Eat time—liver is good for you.
Stay at the table until plate is clean
She tucked the liver UNDER the plate
Only Lynda would do such a thing!
She sucked her thumb
And twisted out her hair
Until there was a time
One side side of her head was most bare.
School for her was easy.
She seemed to learn so fast.
She loved school and teachers.
I hoped that it would last.
And last it did!
More schooling she craved.
So leaving her home
Off to college she braved.
Was college the best thing
That she ever did?
Well---along came Allen
And seven of the greatest kids!
Can’t you wait, Lynda?
A month or maybe two?
‘Cause Lee is getting married
But Lynda answered “No!”
She was away so long at school
I wanted time at home.
But she forged ahead and married
Where will she call her home?
First apartment close to family
Then off to Roy they flew.
As soon as we were used to Roy,
California came into view.
Now she’s having babies
Lynda! What’s the hurry?
Children are a lot of work
But she doesn’t seem to worry.
She welcomes Cindy, Richard and Ben,
Later still along comes Matt.
I can’t believe there’s seven.
I pray she can keep on track.
She cooks, she cans,
She takes time to clean.
She answers Church callings
And sews a fine seam.
Does she give learning up?
No! Beauty school calls.
She family all line up
With hair cuts for all!
Her children now are grown
She’s proud of every one
They make her feel so proud
To see what they’ve become.
The best is left for now.
Grandchildren by the number.
And does this make her happy?
You needn’t ever wonder.
As a mother I’m so happy
Because as you can see.
She’s made her life a good one
She’s what I’d hoped she’d be.
Her life is LOVE.
Loves her husband.
Loves her God.
Loves her family.
Loves her siblings.
Loves her Church.
Loves her mother.
Loves, loves, loves.
Loves her grandchildren.
And we all love her!
Love Mom.

I can only hope that maybe, just maybe, I'll have it this together at 85+. Wow.

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