Friday, February 23, 2007


OK...the minute I post anything about a cat I am guaranteed to receive all kinds of grief. Don't worry non-countries. No clip art of Care Bears and hearts or calico wallpaper to be found here. I just want to show you our new cat Jazzy from L.A. His breed is exotic short hair, which means he is a Persian with short hair. He sired for a breeder for three years. He did his job well but she decided to retire him. His grandfather was in the movie Cats and Dogs. Now he lives with us and we love him. He's kind of a Toonces but we'll manage. (If you didn't watch this bit on SNL you will have no idea what I am talking about). He can be demure and sweet. And then he turns into the cat from Shrek II (Antonio Banderas). He's ready to shred you!

Note the non-existent profile. Love that!

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