Thursday, February 22, 2007

Culture of Death?

I heard an alarming statistic the other day. It is estimated that nearly 85% of positive prenatal screenings for Down's Syndrome(and other genetic disorders) result in abortions. This is so very scary and disheartening. When did we decide that we can pick and choose life this way? And more importantly, why do we want to?

I can only imagine how hard it is to raise a child who has numerous challenges and disabilities. Yet, when you talk to the majority of parents with special needs kids, they consider their children a blessing. At times, they may need the Lord's assistance to endure their gift, no doubt. But a blessing nonetheless.

And where does it end? Should you abort a child that is missing a limb? How about the "wrong" sex? Unsuitable hair color? Nose too big, eyes too small. How about the "wrong" sexual orientation? Let's make 'em in a petri dish and if too many "take" we'll eliminate them through 'selective reduction" (This euphemism for abortion is rich indeed).That "clump of cells" that some slate for elimination is a living, breathing human, with a soon-to-be family and all the rest.

Of course there is always the "quality of life" argument. The problem is, who gets to set that standard? The folks on the wrong side of this issue thought it was better to let Terri Schiavo STARVE TO DEATH then to allow her to live life in a vegetative state. Her parents had no problem caring for her and believed that she showed signs of lucidity. Maybe this was just delusion on the part of two, loving parents. Who knows? Then again, if there was zero awareness and the parents were willing to assume all care, what was the harm in letting her live? Apparently, her quality of life didn't meet the proper standards with those entrusted to her care. A travesty beyond words is the only post script I can muster.

Just in case there are any questions folks, let me make it clear. If I'm in a vegetative state and I am NOT on extraordinary life support (ventilator), could you spare me the favor of FEEDING ME? Nothing fancy, just the basics so that I don't die a slow, painful death. A death actively hastened by willful dehydration and starvation? Excuse the presumption as I now offer my "thanks a heap" in advance.

I'm with George W. on this one. When in question, I'll err on the side of life. Period.

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