Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ode to Oracle

My Friend Linette

In short, I have never known anyone like her. She walks into a room and for those who don't know her, they're not quite sure what to make of her. To be sure, she's what your mother would have called a "big girl". And she's big in all kinds of ways. Tall and boisterous and opinionated and happy and helpful and cheerful and just busting to tell you about the latest thing that's thrilling her to no end or royally pissing her off.

When you're in Linette's inner sanctum you get the real deal...sometimes whether you want it or not. She'll tell you if that new rug in your living room is ugly or if you've got hips built-for-birthing or if your kid whines too much. Don't expect too much sugar coating because sometimes you just get the bitter pill. As it turns out, what I am getting is usually the medicine that no one else had the courage or inclination to give me.

She is my daughter's Godmother. I chose her after much reflection. There were other choices to be sure. I know that she takes it seriously. She won't be sending cards every minute but she will make sure that McKenna always knows she has a Godmother out in California.

There all kinds of specifics I could share about Linette but I'm not going to do that today. I just wanted to throw something out there about how thankful I am that she's my friend--even from afar.

Thank goodness for my female friendships. Men just cannot and should not be the end-all be-all.

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