Tuesday, October 07, 2008

World's CUTEST Car

Y'all know I luvs me some vehicles!

A few forward thinking townsfolk have buzzed by in these cuties.

They're called SmartCars, I'm told.

If you've been to Europe, especially Italy, you know that they have similar cars all over the place. Not sure if the trend will take hold here in the U.S. but something tells me it just might. After all, no one really expected the VW New Beetle nor the Mini Cooper to have the long term appeal that both mega compacts have enjoyed. (I really miss my 2000 New Beetle manual 5-speed turbo. But I sold it to a dear friend in the Bay Area who reports it is still going strong with well over 100K miles!)

We'll have to keep this chunky little car on the mommy radar screen. (FYI: the scaled down coupe starts at around $12K and the cabriolet starts at $16K. When is the last time you heard car numbers that low--for something that has this much style. And, incredibly, the safety ratings are surprisingly high. Amazing.

We love, love, love.


Oracle said...

Would not survive one trip to Costco!

Leigh said...

I know...one mega pack of kleenex and that would be all she wrote.

Then again, what did we do before Costco? I don't remember my parents/grandparents buying the quantities you see everyone toting around these days. It's like...if you don't have a mini-van, SUV, or a semi-truck, you can't possibly purchase the things you need to in order to care for your family. Which as you know, is not true. Kinda crazy.