Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Own Horror Story

JoJo fell out of bed three nights ago and fractured her clavicle (collar bone). And I do mean fractured it. I'm too sleep deprived to go into any more details. Suffice it to say, my darling, easy going three-year old channeled her dark side--an alter ego fueled by pain, frustration, boredom, and several Tylenol-with-codeine-cocktails. Picture the demure little damsel from The Exorcist. I'm pretty sure JoJo's head was spinning when she bellowed (in a voice four octaves lower than usual), "I NEED ANOTHER MOVIE IN MY DVD PLAYER AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!" Who knew she had it in her??

Wisecracks aside, she is in a lot of pain. And it's hard to see. But when we find a position she can endure, she's back to being my precious lamb.

Sorry Halloween 2008 was such a bust for you JoJo. Maybe we'll have a dress-up party with some of your friends when you get all better!

E's Halloween, on the other hand, was picture perfect. Class party, trick-or-treating, family Halloween party with his cousin K. In his world, it doesn't get much better than that!

Thanksgiving, Christmas--here we come!


Anonymous said...

She is just so cute, even injured. That face is just the cutest. And Ethan's costume is FIERCE! Loved it.

JoannaB said...

Hope JoJo is feeling much better soon.

Leigh said...

Thanks joannab. She walked for the first time in seven days. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Poor kid! That's so painful. Hope she's better soon.
God bless