Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Getting Down To Business

Yesterday, Oracle and I were more than a little deflated about the prospects of the upcoming presidential election. McCain has a major hill to climb...largely because many voters are choosing to associate his policies with those of George W.'s train wreck. With Bush leading the charge, the House and Senate passed the mother-of-all economic bail-out bills--with the intent of restoring confidence on Wall Street and re-invigorating grid-locked credit markets across the globe. So far, this hap-hazard, ill-conceived scheme has created a mere ripple in our current cesspool of an economy. For $700 go-zillion, the U.S. tax payer is entitled to a tsunami of relief. C'mon...you and I know that the tidal wave 'aint coming folks. With nearly 100+ leading economists clearly stating that this spending orgy will only delay the economic pain that we must endure anyway, it seems clear that we've been had. What we bought, friends, is what the old timers used to call a pig-in-a-poke. This little piggy is gonna soak us for a long time indeed.

So, out of sheer anger alone, I'm not willing to give up. John McCain has got his detractors among the core base. No doubt. But if you think this latest government boondoggle is a mere stone's throw from a centralized economy, just wait until Barry and Company get a chance to impose their Michael Moore-esque policies on the misty-eyed proletariat. Celebrities who insist on using three names will be downright miffed by the change in cadence when COMRADE is added to their highly crafted monikers. Comrade Evan Rachel Wood. Comrade Robert Downey Jr. Hmm. Not quite the same ring, I dare say.

OK...I'm being snarky. Do I really think Obama is a card carrying communist of the Trotsky ilk? Of course not. But do I think that he has an elitist mentality? Yes! Do I think that he will impose a bevy of burdensome regulations on business and the free economy? Yes! Will he tax everything that moves? Yes! Does he value individual freedom over group think? No. Does he have ANY experience that lends itself to resolving the most fierce economic crisis to be seen in decades, perhaps in our lifetime? No, no. no.

So yes, McCain and Palin have election catch-up work to do. A lot of it. But the race is not over. Not by a long shot.

Four weeks left. A lot can happen.

Let's get crackin'.

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