Saturday, October 11, 2008

Palin Sanctioned ?

Alaska Panel Says Palin Abused Power In Firing?

To that I say...So what? Frankly, I would have done the same thing. If I knew that my ex-brother-in-law had tasered a 10-year old boy, I too would have done everything in my power to see the guy out-the-door. And if his boss didn't want to oust the creep, he'd be gone too. Apparently, that's the way it happened. Oh well.

I agree with Oracle. Palin's got testicular fortitude. You know...balls. I'm not looking for a squeaky clean do-gooder who follows every rule in the book. For that matter, I'm fairly certain that such a person couldn't accomplish anything in our system of government. If anything, this just further confirms that she does the right thing despite legislative minutia enacted to protect the status quo. ABC News reported that the sanction in question imperiled her status as a reformer. If anything, it seems to me that it CONFIRMED her status has a reformer.

You just have to see past the main stream media's "spin". By the way, is it just me or does this "sanction" seem particularly well timed?

We're in the home stretch. Let's not get side tracked by these trumped-up diversions.

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