Monday, February 04, 2008

Passing It On...

Thanks to mum6kids, author of

Thinking Love, No Twaddle

Time to pay it forward...I'm a little late in the game, admittedly.

If you receive this award from me, find ten other blogs that meet your criteria for excellence and present accordingly.

Here are my various criteria for the rated "E" award (awarded blogs meet one or more of the following):

artful presentation, writing, and/or style )
solid composition (unintentional, poor grammar is a pet peeve)
creates literary envy in me
humorous, ironic

(1) Et Tu? The Diary of a Former Atheist
Powerful. She is a skillful, poised writer who conveys immense wisdom and inspiration. Her graphics and artwork are captivating. What else can I say? Run, don't walk. Wow.

(2) Ask Sister Mary Martha
She has brought me to tears (of laughter) with her glib retorts and tell-it-like-is advice for the hoards and masses. There is significant debate in the blogging world as to whether she truly is a nun. I'm going to suspend disbelief here and go with the "she is" camp. It just makes me so happy to think so. Whomever or whatever she is, or is not, Sister Mary Martha is not to be missed.

(3) Middle-Aged, Not Muddle-Headed
No nonsense, joyful ruminations that just make me smile.

(4) M.O.M.S. Mothers of Many Saints
Hope was born to write. And inspire. If she's not published somewhere, it's a shame. Her post about mothers' focus on the image of a loving home humbled me. And made me re-examine my own m.o..

(5) Ten Reasons The Observations of a Seditious Catechist
All things Catholic from a father's vantage point. Rich is literary and uber-poised in his delivery. It's erudite prose for sure, so don't expect any fluff. It's impossible to leave his site and not feel educated.

(6) "And Miles Go Go Before We Sleep..."
Very good blog but I have to tell you, she gets my props for the header photo alone! Beautiful! Lovely imagery which perfectly embodies the spirit of her blog.

(7) The Mac & Cheese Chronicles
Great presentation, imagery, and content. Inspiring in her ability to work through grief and loss.

(8) Zany Life & Crazy Faith
Talk about rising from the ashes! Gives the hope to us early middle agers that there is a lot more on the horizon --if you make it happen. Makes this mommy re-evaluate the glass-half-empty perspective!

(9) Laura The Crazy Mama
No pretense--all heart! Great blog without the hoopla. The bells and whistles aren't necessary if your content is strong. Self-effacing, funny, and to-the-point.

(10) The Ironic Catholic
Lots of chuckles, good natured snark, and a touch of highbrow cynicism. The author is clearly faithful and committed so no worries about offensive or disrespectful content. Poking-fun-at-ourselves commentary without rancor.


Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Awwwww, YER A GEM! Ya freaky fro! Every time I'm tempted to add any "blogbling" to my blog, I remember how I don't like to look at a bunch of crazy stuff on other people's blogs so I just keep it simple. It's for my kids anyway. I don't "journal" so this is my only way of documenting our lives but I LOVE that other people can comment and put in their two cents! Thank you!

The Ironic Catholic said...

Aw, thanks! I think it is the only time I will be considered highbrow, so I appreciate it!

Judi "Jlo" Moran (2006) said...

Hey, Freaky Fro,
Thank you so much for the high compliment you have paid me in bestowing this award.
It sure made my day!
It blesses me greatly to read your comments that my life and philosophy of life inspires you.
Yes, my story truly is one of ashes to beauty, and my happy ending has only been possible through the healing work of my Saviour.
Love and blessings on your own blog ventures.