Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bye Bye Gussy Gus...

Ethan discovered that his six-year old pet guinea pig "Gus" died today. My son was beyond consolation. And because of this, I was beyond consolation. In a small but significant way, Ethan learned his first lesson about loss. And about my inability to spare him from certain sadnesses.

Before we handed the yellow shoebox "casket" to the technician at the vet's office, my son said,

"You were a great friend Gussy. All the children loved you. I loved you. Sometimes I took a long time to feed you or give you water or clean your cage all perfect. You never really got that mad. You were a good friend for lots and lots of years. All the children will be really sad tomorrow when I tell them you are gone. I really, really love you and I'm sorry that I don't get to tell you that on Valentine's Day. I'm going to miss you. You were my buddy".

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Rest peacefully sweet creature.

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Anonymous said...

Oh mannnnn.....kills me.