Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Obama--Still Waiting...

Several weeks ago, I challenged someone, anyone, to name a single, substantive accomplishment of Barack Obama's. I'm talking about tangible, legislative achievement while he has held political office. His penchant to wax poetic, befriend celebrities, and give great speeches does not constitute proof of presidential acumen. You gotta think that someone, somewhere, will pony-up one credible achievement.

So, I'll wait. Some more...

While the vigil continues, I thought I would share the highlights of a recent Obama supporter gathering, where several minions were asked to name ONE accomplishment which demonstrated Obama's readiness to become president. (This, by the way, is not an exact transcript. I'm relying on memory here. A word or two may be off but the substance is accurate.)

Interviewer: Hey, can you name an accomplishment of Mr. Obama's?
Devotee #1: Uhhhhh...He's a great speaker!

Interviewer: What about you? What do you think Barack Obama has done that qualifies him for the presidency?
Devotee#2: Well, he's the only black man in the U.S. Senate.

Interviewer: And you...what do you have to say? What Barack accomplishment has especially wowed you?
Devotee #3: Uhhhh...I'll take a pass.

Interviewer: C'mon...you've got one!
Devotee #4: Well...He just won a Grammy!

On an on it went. And this was among Obama supporters. Not a single, wide-eyed, fresh-faced sole could muster one achievement in keeping with presidential readiness.


And we may very well find ourselves calling him Mr. President in less than a year.

Mommy caveat: This is a rhetorical exercise for me. Obama's positions on abortion and national security eliminate my vote, despite anything that he has or has not done. But I just think a little intellectual honesty is on order here. Eliminating celebrity, packaging, delivery, and image...

What has he done?


the mother of this lot said...

Off topic (as I know nothing about US politics) - you've been tagged!

Leigh said...

Sorry but I am not familiar with blogroll etiquette...Is there a rule somewhere about adhering to a certain theme? If so, I'll take a pass on membership.

You know...it's that American, rugged individualism thing.

Tag away darlin'. And I'll keep posting whatever fills the noggin. On or off topic. What is the topic anyway? :-)

Smiles. Have a great evening mum!

Anonymous said...

Obama is for change. Just wonder how much this change is gonna cost me.

Leigh said...

It will cost ALL OF US plenty. He, like Hillary, will tax everything that moves.

The first order of business on the financial to-do list will be an increase in the capital gains tax. Mark my words.