Friday, February 29, 2008

A New Addition

I've added another blog to themommymemoir family:

My new home for all things political. The first post is complete. Enjoy (or not).

Click here to take a look.


Oracle said...

The fact that I can't post annonymously is a little disconcerting, but this should be fun. Let the games begin....

Don said...


Ive searched for a post concerning our discussion about Obama. I dont see it. Maybe there is another blog that I need you to direct me to. If not, I wil be glad to discuss anything you'd like in this comment section. I have clicked the comment notification box and I have my phone in hand so lets begin whenever you are ready.

I cant honestly answer the question of what if Obama wasnt black. Thats like asking me what if he was purple, how would I feel?
I have voted for white politicians before (of course), so race doesnt necessarily play a part. With that said, Im always proud to see a minority place himself in a avorable position.

Now my question to you: since you dont care for Hillary, wouldnt that only leave Obama as far as democrats go? Someone has to win out, correct?