Saturday, October 06, 2007

Guess Who's Getting Married????!!

This was just snapped while Sex and the City (the feature film) was filming in NYC on Friday. Guess we have to wait until May '08 for the movie....This is a must-see for Mommy!

Yes, I love the show and no I am not contradicting past statements about our over sexed air waves. This is an adult show and is promoted as such. My children have no access to it nor should they. I may not agree with many of the themes but I think what pulls me in is the message that despite all of these women's missteps and misadventures, love really does matter and will always win out over casual encounters. Even randy Samantha accepts this by the end of the series. I love the fact that the show's star is not classically beautiful. And yet she is attractive because she knows how to accentuate her positives, so to speak. And there isn't one woman who can't relate to Carrie's insecurities. Or Charlotte's. Or Miranda's.

I think the title Sex and The City was an initial hook and homage to the book but it in no way defines the essence of this show--which is really about hope, family (albeit non-traditional), and yes, true love.

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