Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Big Sigh of Relief...Mimi

A girl's gotta look her best! What a little doll.

There was some remote concern about relapse but those fears have been put to rest. Thank God. Here's what her mommy has to say about the recent, jubilant revelation:

Hi Everyone,

I am extremely happy to report that Mimi's repeat lumbar puncture revealed normal spinal fluid and no "suspicious" cells nor any blasts. Everything looked normal and I can breathe again. Thank God and thank you all for all the prayers and support. I am certain that this is what has helped Mimi do so well.

Of course, Mimi was clueless that anything was going on. I was able to maintain fairly well until today, when I knew I would get the results. I was very worried and nervous. Of course, they were running late at the clinic, so that made things that much worse. Finally when both the nurse practitioner and the doctor walked in, I was about to lose it, but they both said it was good. I almost started crying. The stress. Anyway, who knows what that funky cell was they saw on the last LP, but everything is fine now. Mimi looks great and feels great and we should be done with treatment in February. Yippee.
Again, thanks for all the support.


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