Thursday, April 03, 2008

In Like a Lion

...and out like a lion. What happened to our much anticipated, end-of-March lamb?

While I'm not generally superstitious, I have to give Oracle her due. She reminded me several days ago that loss and tragedy tend to befall us in sets of three. Suffice it to say that the third one hit and it has leveled my equilibrium. I'm needed now in ways that overwhelm me. I'm called to help another in a manner that tests my strength, my character. Currently, I feel like that wide-eyed deer in a headlight that everyone always talks about.

Is it possible to give what you do not have? Or do you, by the grace of God, find a way to build it up, so that you do, in fact, have what it takes to help another in a time of peril? And how much do you risk in the process?

Hand wringing and elusive generalizations aside, suffice it to say that this blogger, this mommy, is very happy to say goodbye to March.

I'm thinking April will be this family's time to find that lost lamb. If you've seen him, let me know.

In the meantime, Spring is here. Amen.


Mustard Seed Discipleship Vocational Program said...

Leigh...1 Cor 10:13: He never gives us anything that He thinks is too difficult for us to handle. So if He has led you to a situation, go forward, knowing that He has enabled you and that you will go in His strength and grace.
Thank you also for your piece on Phil/Fil. As a missionary in the Philippines, this was very relavent to me!
So, go forward! And God bless.

Tillman said...

Hi !

I borrowed one pic from your blogsife. It was Northern Exposure - picture on 12. september 2007 on your blog.

This my favourite serie is starting again tomorrow here in Finland and made a short text about it on my own blog site.

Thank you very much and have a nice springtime there