Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Modest Earth Day Contribution

It's not like we're the Sierra Club over here. But we do our part where we can. This year, with the help of the local forestry department, our family planted a new tree in our side parkway. At the moment, it appears to be of the Charlie Brown variety. In fact, a few neighbors have snickered at our humble, bare little addition. That's OK. Charlie Brown didn't care if they laughed at his tree either. They'll see...in a few years, it will be beautiful. And because the planting coincided with the passing of my dear mother-in-law, we're commemorating our plucky sapling in her honor...

After all, she really did have a knack for transforming humble, every day things, including plant life, into lovely adornments. I don't think she believed this about herself but I certainly thought it of her.

In a few short years, with some TLC and a little Divine inspiration, we're hoping our spindly, little transplant will bloom in all her glory and provide us with yet another reason to call our house a home.