Friday, March 09, 2007

Some Favorites

No particular order.

Beautiful baby girl...though not such a baby anymore

Wipe out (fake)

Summer clad McKenna

Captain Ethan - Cockpit American Airlines. What FAA regulations?

Halloween 06

Out-of-control dimples

I'm gonna wrap you up like a baby burrito!

Who are you and why are you close-talking?

You can't fake this kind of joy

flower power

Kojak in a bathing suit

Note the arm crease. Love it!

Free and easy in Florida

They "get" each other. Always have.
Easily pass for brother and sister.

Why waste a perfectly good opportunity to mess up (or improve, you choose) a Kodak moment?

First love - Gemma

Suburban cowboy

The tradition continues

New baby, petrified Mom. Both of us survived.

Great Grandpa and Ethan. I love this photo.

Relish the cute times. They don't let you dress them like this for very long.

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