Wednesday, January 11, 2006

As Good As It Gets

Ah, life goes on. After all the college and the resumes and the career and the marriage and the travel...let's face it--I'm a housewife. OK...homemaker. My children and my husband are my life. It's not a bad deal all in all. I just can't complain when it comes down to it.

Ethan's vocabulary is exploding and he's actually quite articulate about some things. And opinions...he's just full of them. McKenna contnues to be easy easy and oh so content. Jim works hard, travels every few weeks, and I take the helm at 1839. It's not perfect around here but it's very good. And loving. I thank God that I was blessed with my family and that my choices continue to be good ones. I don't know if I will have anything profound to share but oh well. I guess if nothing else, I want my children to understand that there is happiness and contentment in the world. I hope that they will see that Mom loved them to the moon and to the stars and back again. They will know what it means to have an opinion and to share it when it's appropriate. And they will know that it's OK to have a point of view that is authentic and unique. So here goes!

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