Thursday, March 06, 2008

California Homeschooling Ruling

I just heard this morning that in California, it has been ruled that parents are no longer permitted to home school unless the teaching parent is credentialed accordingly. Wow. This will have a sweeping impact since it's my understanding that 100,000+ children are taught at home in that state. (My birthplace and home for 34 years).

I can only imagine what some of the blogging moms will think of this ruling. You have to think that other like-minded states will follow suite (i.e., New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, Michigan, Washington, perhaps even Illinois).

As for me, I'm torn. For once, I'm on the fence. I see the merit of both sides of the argument. I'll have to stew on this one. Part of me thinks the teacher's union had a hand in this somehow...Still, if anyone can effectively instruct, why do paid teachers receive undergraduate and post graduate degrees?


Anonymous said...

On your question; been asking myself the same thing.

elena maria vidal said...

I understand your concern. Many homeschooling programs have accredited teachers who design the curriculum and correct the papers and tests. The parents just administer the course. The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School is what we use and they have accredited teachers who I can call on any time for advice. I would never be able to design a curriculum (although some parents can) so I am pleased with the homeschooling program we are using.