Friday, November 16, 2007

The Mommy Loves Dennis Miller!

I've known about him since his SNL days. Wasn't overly thrilled with his HBO series. Absolutely no opinion about his foray into the world of Monday night football. Oh sorry...MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. But I have to say, he is completely at his best in his relatively new role as talk radio host. If you love talk radio and you are not listening to Dennis Miller, you are really missing out. He's smart, funny, cerebral, and kind. Yes, kind. He actually listens to people and shows respect to those who disagree with him. He's conservative but not reactionary. And his command of spoken English makes the word aficionado swoon with admiration. A welcome departure from the Rush Limbaugh-esque repertoire of conservative radio programming currently available. In Chicago, tune in Monday through Friday from 9 am to Noon on WIND 560AM. For other areas, refer to his website. Hey Oracle--thanks for the tip!

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Anonymous said...

He makes middle aged housewives who dig politics and talk radio swoon. He is smart,smart, smart and funny. I think he is a dream boat. He was my favorite Weekend Update anchor on SNL and his HBO specials were not to be missed. And that was before I knew anything about his politics. He really is just awesome. Gotta love Dennis. Ont the West Coast on KNEW 910AM between 10a and 1p. He was recently bumped up from two hours to three due to huge audience response.