Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Letter From Derebe!

Call it coincidence, fate, Divine intervention....it's up to you. Shortly after I posted the video blog (previous post) about a fellow Compassion sponsor and promoter, we received a letter from Derebe--our Ethiopian daughter! (I'm calling Derebe at HER request and because I too feel comfortable with that endearment.)

I was so excited when I saw the return address on the envelope I actually started to shake as I opened it. Not only did we receive a wonderful, detailed letter but photos as well! We have had one photo of her since we began her sponsorship and didn't think we would have any more until my visit in March.

In Derebe's letter she mentions that she is now in Kindergarten. THIS IS HUGE! SHE'S IN SCHOOL. (Many kids in her town/village are not due to their families' inability to pay for uniforms and supplies).

She also told us (via a translator of course) that they were able to use our gift money for a number of important household items (as a sponsor you can choose to assist the family with extra funds in addition to the money that is used to support the individual child). Essentials purchased: sorghum (grain), sugar, flour, candles, oranges, bananas, fabric, shoes, socks. She admits to purchasing some candy for herself and her siblings and even sounds a little apologetic about it! Bless her little heart! Additionally, the family bought a cloth box (presumably a storage unit for linens or fabric?), a table, a chair, and more shoes. They used the balance of the money for transportation costs.

She also wants to see more pictures of Ethan and McKenna which I will send in the next day or so. What she doesn't yet know is that I am coming to see her! She won't be told until shortly before I arrive to avoid disappointment should I not make it for some unforeseen reason. Anyway, I'm on cloud nine today. And more jazzed than ever about the big trip in March. Blessings abound!

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