Friday, September 07, 2007

Fred 08?

It's not completely out of the realm of possibility. I've been luke warm on the presidential election so far but Fred Thompson stokes my political embers. I love the fact that he speaks in the vernacular despite his command of the king's English. To date, I haven't heard double talk or verbiage two-step. He is extremely clear about his position on key issues. I don't agree with him on every last talking point. But I'm right in his corner when it comes to protecting the rights of the weak and vulnerable. I admire his vision of federalism as set forth by the framers. He will not support burdensome taxation. And he takes a no nonsense stance on the issue of border control and protection. Here’s what the New York Daily News editorial page is saying about Fred

“Thompson is absolutely pro-life, period, no waffling about it.”

“He is solidly pro-Second Amendment, period, no dithering.”

“He’s a gung-ho war on terror man, a no-nonsense border security man.”

And let's face it. In the face of terrorism and continued aggression we need a president with gravitas. Giuliani has it but he loses me when it comes to abortion. So, I'm not ready to put Fred's sign on the lawn but so far I'm leaning in his general direction. Stay tuned.

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