Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Oracle Speaks: Presidential Elections

Hillary and a moderate Democrat. Not Obama. She doesn't want anyone to steal her thunder and Obama won't bring her anything in the general election. The liberal Democrats will be pissed but will vote for her anyway because they have no where else to go. There won't be a Nader to jump ship to, I don't think. Plus, they think she will win so they want to back a winner.

Rudy and Romney. Rudy will win the primaries because Republicans will get over his personal life and left-leaning domestic ideas because they want someone who will beat Hillary and they will rightly conclude that only he can do it. Rudy will pick someone to shore up his conservative voters and Romney will do this. Fred Thompson is a possibility also, but I put him behind Romney because Mitt has boo-koo money in the kitty. Mitt will take the job because it will be a stepping stone to a potentially successful White House run in 8 years.

In the general election, Rudy will win. If California switches their electoral vote process (now winner takes all, proposed is winner gets a bonus 2 and the rest are divided based on the popular vote in the state), Rudy will win handily. In the end, security will be the issue.

That is my prediction. Let's see if I crash and burn. Ha ha.

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