Sunday, April 08, 2007

Jazzy's Home!!!

There is a long and amazing story that must be told and I will tell it...just not tonight. Bottom line, after 8 days on the lamb, Jazzy is home where he surely belongs. We just love this crazy critter.

Pretends to be bored and above-it-all.

Crabby, aloof, and finicky. Perfect.

Requirements: High quality food and water available at all times, cat box cleaned and in immaculate condition, petting/cuddling only when he wants it--otherwise don't bug him. Brush frequently. Play with him until he tires of the game and walks away. Then leave him alone or you will get smacked. Be prepared to get swatted for any reason because he feels like it. Allow him to climb in bed with you and walk over any part of your body until he finds a suitable place to nap. Clean crud out of his eyes and his nose because he has a flat face and it accumulates frequently. Provide a cat-nip filled sock for him at all times. Acknowledge him when you enter a room but do not expect the return favor. Expect that he will climb into any open closet, cabinet or other suitable orifice and disappear for long periods of time. Assume that he will plop on any clean, folded laundry. More requirements are forthcoming.

Works for us.

Welcome home Jazzy!

By the way, today is Easter and Christ is risen. Amen.

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