Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Special Forces Required

Even a prayerful Catholic needs an A-Team power assist from time to time.

Now would be one of those times.

Father Corapi tells us that our Blessed Mother keeps her combat boots on stand-by and she's ready for battle. Against sin, that is. We better call her in and ask her to lace 'em up. Looks like she's needed now more than ever.

Blessed Mother Mary...and all the rest of the saints in Heaven...including my dear, late Mother-in-Law Millie. Intercede for us, please. Ask for His grace as we face tremendous opposition to His most basic gift to humanity...LIFE.

I am discouraged and overwhelmed by the mandate bestowed upon our president-elect. I fear that the culture of death has become so insidious, so pervasive that it is no longer even recognized as such. This evil is disguised as "choice", as "freedom", and as a "right". How twisted the notion of liberty has become when an entire class of citizens are expendable in exchange for another class's quest for less encumbered lives. Something tells me that the Framers concept of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" did not provide for murdering undesirable citizenry as a means to that end. But hey, what do I know?

Several years ago, Millie shared this with me: When she was a student nurse in the 1950's, it was a routine practice for lay hospital staff to baptize very young, pre-born children who died as a result of miscarriage or stillbirth. She recalled once creating a small tear in an amniotic sac to sprinkle holy water on a tiny, fallen child. At that time, it was a concern that every life, even in its earliest stage, received Jesus' Sacrament. Now, we're debating whether a child who miraculously survives a failed abortion is entitled to medical care or should be permitted to die in any one of many barbaric, unspeakable ways. If you dare describe these atrocities as anything other than "procedures" or "reproductive freedom", prepare to endure the wrath of the current culture. Anti-woman. Extremist. Right-winger. Hate-monger. Meanwhile, God help you if you're caught purchasing a mascara reportedly tested on boll weevils. Ingrid Newkirk and her PETA henchmen will b-slap you faster than you can whimper, "Going forward, product testing will only be conducted on whiny toddlers and unsightly old-people".

My God, have we lost our way. And while we can't place all the blame in Obama's lap, he has and will be a powerful opponent to right-to-life issues.

So I'm calling on our army of patron-saint-reinforcements this early, Wednesday morning. On behalf of this frustrated, bewildered sinner, pray that I and so many like me, maintain the zeal and the stamina required in the next several years ahead of us. 'Cause we're gonna need all that and more my friends.

*I know you guys will kick in. You always do. Besides, with Millie up there, what choice do you have?

*Disclaimer to my non-Catholic friends and readers: Catholics do not believe that saints are deities with God-like abilities. Nor are we taught, for that matter, that St. Mary, the Blessed Mother, is a deity. Saints, which are all souls residing in Heaven, readily accept requests to pray with us and for us. Saint's prayers have a V.I.P status of sorts-- so it's generally a good thing to have a saint on your prayer team. Most of us need all the help we can get.

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